I might be a real knitter now

new yarn 2-16-07

SSshhh…. don’t tell R. Darling about the pile of yarn I just got in the mail from WEBS.  Actually, I already told him that I ordered yarn for a couple projects, and he was totally cool with that.  I just kinda left out how much it actually cost, and the teensy bit about how I didn’t really need the two skeins of Alchemy Bamboo in Cherry Tart. 

This is kind of a knitting breakthrough for me.  I mean, the two skeins of Bamboo that I really didn’t need, not the spending more money than I should on yarn.  Maybe I can call myself a real knitter now.  I’m building a stash (granted only a measly 2 hank stash right now), I’m buying yarn because I like it, because it was the right price, because the color spoke to me, because I envisioned a beautiful future for it on my needles and later, on my body.  Is this what it means to be a real knitter?  To love yarn not just because you can make something with it, but because it appeals to you visually, tactilely, sensually?  Have I just fallen down some kind of slippery slope of fiber and now there’s no turning back? 

The brown yarn is Berroco’s Nostalgia in Milk Chocolate and is slated for Kate Gilbert’s Keyhole Top from the Spring 2007 Interweave Knits.  I don’t have much experience in substituting yarns, so this will hopefully be an o.k. substitute for Muench’s String of Pearls that the pattern called for.  They have the same gauge and fiber content (approximately) so I think it will work.  The reddish colored yarn is the Alchemy Bamboo yarn in Cherry Tart that I mentioned before, and the pink yarn (looks kind of whitish in the photo) is the same yarn in Evening Pink.  Lovely!  Can’t wait to knit the saucy slip from the staff projects in Interweave with this stuff.  I did love the green color in the sample, but pink is my favorite and the price was so right


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