Dear Housework Hobgoblins…

Dear Housework Hobgoblins,

Well, you’re not exactly “dear” are you?  I don’t know how you snuck in here last night, me being such a light sleeper and all, but thanks alot for the mess you left.  I see someone had a party in the kitchen and dirtied every dish in the joint.  It took me an hour to do the dishes today!  You probably danced on the counters too.  They looked pretty grubby.  Am I going to find jello shots in the fridge?  And some of you had some kind of sleepover on the couch leaving the slipcover all askew and crap all over the coffee table.  Where do you get off?  This isn’t your personal frat house.  I have better things to do than run around all day trying to pick up after you all the time.  You are seriously cutting into my knitting and reading time.  Just so you know – I’m changing the locks!  Don’t come back.  Ever.

Sick & tired,


 P.S.  Despite your every effort to sabotage my “me” time, I’ve managed to finish the crocheted hooded baby afghan I started last week, and casted on for the Debbie Bliss Cable & Moss Stitch Baby Hat in a turquoise fine merino wool yarn from Cascade pictured below.  So step off!

                                                Blue yarn


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