Weekend with Knittymuggins

Some things I did this weekend…..


Small Rhubarb Pie

1. I made tiny little rhubarb pies. 

You know what I love about rhubarb?  Not only does it taste divine and it’s pink of course, but it loves neglect.  Positively thrives on it.  Let’s face it.  I’m a lazy gardener.  I love flowers and growing veggies, but I hate to weed and dragging the hose around our yard every day and night in the summer is really low on my list of faves.  It’s about as pleasant as going on your honeymoon and having your luggage lost on your way to a tropical paradise (this actually happened to me and poor R. Darling had to spend the first 2 days in Maui shopping with and comforting his new bride – pretty low on his list of faves – well, the shopping anyway).  But the rhubarb.  I swear the more I ignore it, the faster and heartier it grows.  I’ve got a freezer full of carefully chopped pieces from my summer bumper crop and I figured it was about time I did something with it. 

2. Ate weird stuff:  (R. Darling’s away, so why cook?) like ramen for breakfast & potato pancakes & rhubarb pie for dinner

3. Or didn’t eat at all

4. Watched too much TV.  But knitted while watching so maybe the productiveness of knitting will somehow cancel out the swiss cheese brain syndrome brought on by copious amounts of visual garbage

Cable moss hat in progress

5. I found my zen moment and restarted the Debbie Bliss Cable & Moss Stitch Baby Hat I frogged last week

Maybe Buddha dropped by Friday night while I was sleeping and worked a little zen magic; maybe sprinkled me with some peace of mind and balanced my chakras or something, said a few oms, and then whoosh, up the chimney like Santa he went.  Whatever the case, I have been making steady and peaceful (om) progress on this hat.  It’s a bit slow going because I have to follow what I’m doing very closely or the seed stitch will come out wonky, but it’s working.  I actually think I might make another one for another friend with a new little boy. 

Class Hat & Keyhole swatches

6. Worked on my swatch for knitting class (writing my own heart chart) and the swatch for the Kate Gilbert Keyhole Top from Interweave Knits

I was really happy with the swatch and charted pattern (the pink and brown design on the left) for my hat for knitting class.  The edges look a bit funny because we were swatching in the round, a rather finicky procedure that I don’t much enjoy.  Alas, the yarn I bought as a substitute for the Muench String of Pearls needed for the Keyhole top (righthand swatch), looks like it will be a failure.  The gauge is several stitches and rows off and I’m just not talented enough yet to be able to figure out how to make it work.  Oh, I know how to calculate how many stitches I’ll need to cast on and such, but when it comes to the shaping and patterning, I just don’t see how a relative knitiot like me will swing it.  One of those projects I’ll put aside for a while and peek at guiltily now and then.  Maybe next time Buddha pops in he can give it a shot. 


One thought on “Weekend with Knittymuggins

  1. Hi,
    Did you ever find a good substitute for the Muench String of Pearls yarn? I tried a 50/50 cotton/ microfiber (Sundance by Classic Elite) but was not happy with the results. After I knit a few rows I was beginning to think this pattern was going to be a pain to keep track of. Would be curious if you ever went ahead with the Simmer Aran by Veronik Avery.

    Thanks! Jane

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