According to Wikipedia, a Hat-trick in sports is associated with succeeding at anything three times in three consecutive attempts.   I guess you could say that I’m setting myself up for a hat knitting hat-trick.  Say that 6 times fast. 

It’s that whole consecutive thing that might be a problem.  Like almost every other knitter I know, I have a little trouble staying focused.  I’ll be plugging away on something, making good progress and something will always arrive to tempt me.  Take the new issue of Interweave Knits  for example.  Can you really expect me to settle for three hats in a row while there is that beautiful keyhole top by Kate Gilbert beckoning from the pages?  I’ve already scoured WEBS for an appropriate substitute for the Muench String of Pearls that the pattern calls for.  Or how about that beautiful green lace nightgown?  I’ve already found the yarn I want for that too.  I can’t turn off the voices.  You know the ones…. they whisper seductively….”You know you want new yarn.  You do.  You’ve already got 10 other projects, but igonore them.  You want me instead.  Why knit another hat when you can run your fingers through my silky skeins?”

But just in case I manage to hold onto some shred of my resolve, here’s pictures of two of the hats that I plan to knit very soon (hopefully consecutively; you know….for the hat-trick). 

Flower hatYarn for MIL

The cute pink one with the flower on top is for a friend from an old job who is having a baby girl soon.  She’ll dig the fun and funky flower on top.  It’s so cute I kind of want to knit a big version for myself! I bought the yarn for it from both Yarnmarket (the GGH Samoa for the white flower), and Yarnware (the Rowan Handknit Cotton for the body of the hat and the stem portion).  The pattern came from the Spring 2007 issue of Better Homes and Gardens’ Knit it Magazine.  The other hat, which you can’t see as well, is a pattern from Plymouth yarns for a Cabled Hat with Earflaps.  My MIL saw this pattern at a shop once and really liked it, so I told her I’d knit it for her.  She was supposed to find some yarn she liked, but being as she isn’t nearly as obsessed with yarn as I am, she hasn’t found anything.  She did say she wanted something washable though, and her favorite color is purple.  So I found some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Superchunky in Plum on sale at Yarnware and (hopefully) got enough to finish it for her. 

 If I can’t score a hat knitting hat-trick, well, at least I can score me a yarn buying hat-trick!  I’m already two thirds of the way there!  Shhh…. it’ll be our little secret!