March is For Making Do….

Aurora Bulky Red Yarn

Or something like that…..

That was the plan anyway.  Until I received my yarn for the Fitted Knits Along (see sidebar) from WEBS and it was absolutely hideous.  I mean, who really likes salmon-colored anything?  Why even create a color like this?  I mean, it’s a color named after a fish.  It’s only good for other fish, and maybe a few sassy ladies of the Florida retirement home set.  I should know better than to try to buy yarn online, but it was so dang cheap, I figured it really couldn’t be that bad.  But it was.  And the weight wasn’t even right.  This is what I get for overestimating my substitution skills.  I moped around for an evening feeling guilty about the $36.68 that I spent on such awful yarn, trying to swatch it anyway in an attempt to, and finally R. Darling just looked at me sympathetically and said:

“Honey, there’s no use knitting with yarn you hate.  We’ll go to the yarn shop tomorrow and get you something you like.”   

Me: But…..I spent money on this and I was trying so hard to make March the month where I don’t buy any yarn…. 

R. Darling: I don’t care how much money you spent. We’re going to get you something nicer. Don’t argue.  And I don’t care how much money you spend on yarn.  You love to knit, so it’s worth it.

Did I marry a prince, or what?

The yarn in the picture is Karabella’s Aurora Bulky in a pretty red color (not.salmon.thank.god).  The ladies at the LYS figured this would be a good substitution and even though it’s 100% wool it is sooo soft!  They were even nice enough to let me pay for half of what I needed and they kept the other half (same dyelot) in the back with my name on it for later when I’m ready to pick it up.  I asked R. Darling to step outside when I paid for the yarn because this stuff is ungodly expensive and I figured he’d have a coronary when he saw how much just half of it cost, but he said he didn’t care and, to his credit, didn’t even bat an eye when they announced the total.  I really should have kept looking online for something cheaper, but I just wanted the right yarn for once and already felt burned by previous experience (or lack thereof).  Anyway, I bought the yarn March 3, so that begins the official “making do” date for March.  No yarn until April 3.  Believe me, I’ve got plenty to keep me busy.  Now just to keep my hands off the Fitted Knits project until April 1……


One thought on “March is For Making Do….

  1. Your husband sounds like mine – and I agree totally – you absolutely can’t and shouldn’t knit with yarn you hate!! It is so great that our husbands are so supportive of our hobby (obsession…)!!

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