Despite All Outward Appearances, I Did Not Cheat

knitpicks yarn 

I know, I know.  If March is supposed to be “No Yarn” month around here, then what am I doing with new yarn?  I didn’t cheat, I swear it.  Since I knew yarn was going to be off limits in March, I got it out of my system last month by ordering things that were on sale or needed for projects in the near future.  I was trying to get it out of my system so I couldn’t possibly need any fiber related items this month.  No way I could be tempted.  So far it’s been 4 days with no fiber purchases, and I feel fine.  Just fine.  Keep telling myself that….

The pink & purple yarns pictured above are KnitPicks’ Sierra yarns which were on clearance for $2.99 for 110 yds (usually $4.99).  They are for the charity knitting I do for Warm Woolies.  I hope they’re not discontinuing this yarn, but it looks like they might be as they don’t have much of a selection left, even in the regular-priced colors.  The tan yarn is for a felted bag that I’m making for R. Darling’s aunt.  I bought the other colors (green & blue) previously but she didn’t like the original tan color I’d chosen so I ordered another color.  Hopefully she’ll like this one.  The books (below) were added on to get the total up to $45 or more so I could get free shipping.  I know, lame reason to spend more money, but I fall for that free shipping deal every time!  I have loved the Itty Bitty Hats book for a while and the Bath Buddies just looked really cute, so I caved.  It was on sale anyway….

new books march 07

Can you believe I haven’t knit a stitch for 2 days? 2 days!!  Things have been a little crazy here.  But I’ve actually got knitting homework, so I’d better get to it.  I have to finish my charted motif on my 2 color hat for knitting class.  If only homework had been this much fun in college, maybe I wouldn’t have spent so much time drinking beer…..


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