Fetching Cool Hand Luke

So a few months ago, we’re watching High Fidelity (mostly just to see Jack Black in what I imagine to be a pretty semi-autobiographical role) and John Cusack’s character says his favorite movie of all time is Cool Hand Luke. This got us curious so we put it on our rental queue with Intelliflix. What surprised us most of all, was that it took us months to get this movie. Apparently, Cool Hand Luke is everyone else’s all time favorite movie too. We were told that this title was in high demand and it wasn’t likely we would get it within 30 days. So we kept trying and finally we got it and watched it last night. Let me tell you, I will forever think of this movie whenever I eat a hard-boiled egg. Seriously. It already happened once this morning when we were watching TLC or Discovery or something and they showed a gila monster eating some poor little mama bird’s egg. The first thing I said to R. Darling was, “I wonder if it can eat 50 of those in an hour?” Ah, the things that leave an impression. Cool Hand Luke was one of those odd older movies that must have really been something to get folks talking in its day. Yet, to us, it seemed, well, sort of goofy and a little odd. The story in itself was sad, yet it was played out in a jolly sort of way. But I guess if you think about it, that’s the kind of guy Cool Hand Luke really was. A hard case, but fancy free. Something to ponder…..

Fetching mitt 1

On the knitting front, I’m totally loving this Fetching from Summer 2006 Knitty. This is only my second cable project, and probably only my third or so on double pointed needles. The pattern knits up quickly (very satisfying) and is simple to follow (so far). It only took me a couple trips to the store to get the right dpns. I needed a size 6 and Michael’s only had 8’s and 10’s and Joann’s only had metal 6’s. I settled for the metal 6’s because I was too lazy to drive downtown to the LYS for bamboo. As a general rule I hate metal needles. To me they give me that feeling that’s reminiscent of biting down on a piece of tin foil. Plus, they’re cold and my hands are already cold enough all the time! But so far these dpns have been pretty nice. These mitts will be for my MIL for her birthday at the end of the month. I’m thinking though, that if these go well, everyone else might be getting these for Christmas next year!

And just in case you wanted to know…… Mr. Cool Hand Luke was pretty fetching himself!


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