Umbrellas Are For Suckas…

It’s been raining here nonstop for pretty much a week. Today was our first day that it stayed mostly dry and we even had a little sun this morning. R. Darling says we are like the Eskimos who have hundreds of ways to describe and discuss snow, only our weather vocabulary is strictly applied to rain and its various permutations. It could be drizzly, misty, pouring, sprinkling or any number of other combinations; I even heard a weatherperson once describe the current weather as “spitting” (as in “it’s spitting outside” ). But one thing you will never find on a true Washingtonian: an umbrella. Most Washingtonians don’t even own one. Around here we can pinpoint the tourists in milliseconds. Just look for the people with umbrellas, ducking underneath awnings and putting up their hoods, looking miserably at the sky. Come on people, it’s just a little water! I don’t think you’ll melt.

Anyway, today was housecleaning day (most Mondays around here usually are – ugh.) so I didn’t get a whole lot of knitting done. But I did manage to finish the left hand of Fetching and have half of the right hand done, which I expect to finish this evening.

Fetching done

I also finished my 2 color hat for my knitting class. It came out kind of big for some reason, despite the extensive swatching and gauge checking, and since I have a peanut head (so dubbed by an ex because it is extremely small – in fact, practically kid size) it doesn’t fit that great. The one redeeming quality is that I do like how the hearts I charted for myself worked up. But since I can’t stand having to shove my hat out of my eyes all the time, this will most likely go into the goodwill bag, although I suppose I could rip it out and use the yarn for felting. Actually, maybe I could just felt the hat itself! Hmmmm.

2color class hat

Now I’m off to work on my cabled hat for class. I need to have half of it done by Thursday at least. Seems kind of pointless since I already know how to do cables in the round! But maybe I’ll get it right this time and knit this one to fit my head a little better.

Here comes the rain again…..
Falling on my head like a memory…..



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