Warm Woolies

ww sweater coat yarn

I was over at Warm Woolies today checking out the updated site and I was inspired to knit one of their new patterns called the 2007 Cardigan Coat/Sweater (as if I didn’t already have enough things to knit!). And here’s the perfect yarn from my Warm Woolies stash!

There were some really cute pictures of the Mongolian kids they knit for wearing their knitted items and I was reminded all over again why I like this charity so much. I know I’ve mentioned them before, but I haven’t really explained why I felt such a need to contribute to their mission. They donate primarily to children in orphanages and poor areas who don’t have enough warm clothing to get them through the harshest of winters (the average high temperature in Mongolia during December is 7 degrees according to the Warm Woolies site!). Some of the children they help are in our country, on poor Native American reservations, and others are abroad and every stitch of clothing they are given is needed and appreciated. Though I don’t know any of these children, it’s important to me to help them because I could have been one of those children and someone made the choice to help me and now it’s my turn to give a little back.

When I first started knitting last year I began looking for a charity that I could contribute to with my newly learned skills. Being one quarter Native American and an adoptee (at the age of 4 1/2) I could really identify with the kids that Warm Woolies helps. It seemed like the perfect fit and the perfect way for me to give something back in return for all I’ve been given in my own life. Though I’m not exactly a power-knitter, I do manage to make enough vests and hats to send a package every couple months and it is so rewarding to be able to send that package out to Denver and know that some sweet little boy or girl is going to have something to wear this winter, and when they receive that item they’ll know that someone out there cares about them.

If you haven’t already checked out their site, please consider stopping by sometime. BTW: The folks at Warm Woolies didn’t ask me to write this and don’t know that I’ve written it. I just really believe in what they do!

Good karma is good for the soul!



One thought on “Warm Woolies

  1. Hi — I just discovered the Warm Woolies site and was quite impressed – did a Google search to see if I could get some other opinions and ran across your link. So glad to hear that you are also confident in the quality of this charity. I am anxious to go to my stash and pick out the perfect wools for some of these dear little vests. I have some wonderful tweedy handspuns that I think will be just wonderful. Thanks for having shared your thoughts.

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