A Rainy Day Reserve

Stitchmarker 1

Today was a good day for a rainy day project. You know, one of those projects that you’ve had in the back of your mind, tickling your brain when you try to sleep at night, appearing in your thoughts while you’re at work or cooking dinner. A reserve project, one you design in your head, maybe even buy supplies for, knowing one day all that preparation will coalesce into a glorious manifestation of your imagination. Or in my case, a sometimes disastrous or lopsided manifestation that usually ends up in the trash……

Today was a good day for one of those. I pulled one out and dusted it off and look what I got! I’ve been wanting to try making stitch markers for a while now. Such a fun and easy way to personalize your knitting, plus keep track of your rounds and increases/decreases! What gal couldn’t use a little bit of style on their needles? With not much going on today I figured, why not? R. Darling’s working a different shift, I got time. I picked up these supercute beads at Joann’s the other day and I’ve got loads of other seed beeds floating around the house so I thought I’d put them to good use. In all of about 10 minutes (most of that time was spent deciding on where to place the big bead vs. the small beads – I analyze too much!) I had 2 stitch markers! Cool. Practically instant gratification! It became pretty obvious though, that while these are definitely workable and cute, I’ve got some work to do making my wraps and top loops a lot more presentable. You can kind of see that the top loop on the left marker looks kind of like a virus head instead of a pretty round loop. Oh well, chalk that up to the scientific tendencies in me I guess! These will fit up to a size 9 needle and I’m looking forward to trying them out very soon!


One thought on “A Rainy Day Reserve

  1. I’ve been getting into beads lately myself – I want to try Bauble from the most recent Knitty and the beaded napkin holders from the previous issue. I found a great supplier – Fire Mountain Gems. You have to get the catalog first as it is not comparable at all to the web site. It is beautiful and there is SO MUCH in there – one of my friends gave me hers and I placed my first order over the weekend.

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