Typical Tuesday

Cardigan Coat 1

It’s just your average Tuesday around here. Not much going on. Work, dinner, dishes, a little TV. I know – I’m crazy like that. Anyway, I mentioned the Warm Woolies Cardigan Coat in a previous post and I thought I’d share an in-progress photo of what it looks like so far. I’ve just got to add the other sleeve and knit a couple button bands and then voila! Kiddie coat! It’s a simple pattern, though I didn’t enjoy seaming the sleeve very much. Most of their patterns are knit in the round so I don’t have a lot of practice with that. Still looks decent though, considering.

Memory Keeper

This is the other thing that’s been keeping me busy. The Memory Keeper’s Daughter by Kim Edwards. I mooched it recently on Bookmooch which was a totally amazing snag since everyone and their cousin has it on their wishlist. Some of the previous moochers left some terrible comments about it. I disagree, though I do find it less engaging than I’d expected considering its popularity. I’m still enjoying it – just a bit slowly.

Now off to read or finish that last 1% of Fetching. I am so dying for the next SKC KAL (So far my nomination is in the lead! Yay!) as well as the Fitted Knits Along to start! Oh the knitty torture!

One thought on “Typical Tuesday

  1. Is that cardigan in garter stitch? If so, I can definitely understand why you didn’t enjoy seaming it. Garter stitch is the worst to seam invisibly. Yuck.

    Can’t wait to see Fetching! I made those too and really liked them. I’ll see if I can find a picture to send you.

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