I Had No Idea…..

…..that it was going to be such a big deal about knitting Sahara over at the SKC.  Apparently there’s some kind of big fuss about Tilli Thomas yarns and I feel very guilty about the whole thing because I nominated Sahara.  But if it was going to be such a big deal, then why did 76 other people vote for it too? 

Clearly you can substitute yarns.  I mean, isn’t that what knitters do?  They customize things, make them original, break some rules, shake things up.  All we voted on was the design.  That doesn’t mean we’re endorsing the yarn.  In fact, I think of it more as endorsing Wendy.  She’s a cool chick that designs beautiful, fresh, flattering patterns.  And if you’ve ever read her blog you can tell that she changes things up herself all the time.  Stitchdiva asked her to design something for them.  That means, to some extent, that they probably made the rules.  How do we know that they didn’t ask her to use Tilli Thomas?  Come on people.  Live and let live!  Fine, you don’t like Tilli Thomas, well there are a thousand other yarns out there to choose from.

Maybe I should have known better.  Maybe I should have kept to myself until I was a really good knitter and knew my way around a knitalong.  But I thought I’d get involved.  I thought I’d be outgoing for once.  And I just really loved this pattern and thought it would be fun to knit it along with some other gals since I have no one around here to knit with.  If I’d realized everyone was going to get so bent out of shape I wouldn’t have nominated it in the first place.   


One thought on “I Had No Idea…..

  1. Don’t worry about it! I haven’t checked out the site lately so didn’t realize there was a firestorm brewing. Geez. I just figured people could substitute yarns if they are so morally opposed.

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