Rip it good

[sing to the tune of Devo’s Whip it…]

When a problem comes along
You must rip it…..
When something’s going wrong
You must rip it……..

Now rip it
Into shape
Shape it up
Get straight
Go forward
Move ahead
Try to detect it
Its not too late
To rip it
rip it good….

That’s been the soundtrack for this whole weekend so far. R. Darling’s working so I figured I’d have tons of lovely knitting time. Little did I know I’d be singing the rip it song all weekend long. I knit swatches, I blocked swatches, I took the gauge. I ripped out the swatches, I re-knit the swatches, I tore out some hair, I said a few expletives, and finally…… I gave up. I felt trapped in some kind of knitter’s underworld, a knitterly Sisyphean hell, doomed to knit and re-knit the same length of yarn over and over, only to have to unravel it and begin again. To console myself I watched Elf. It’s kind of hard to be grumpy with Will Ferrell cavorting around on-screen in his green and yellow elf outfit. I know, it’s a bit off season for that kind of thing, but it makes me smile any time of the year.

And to make me feel as if all was not wasted this morning, I started Glampyre’s Mini-sweater (Boob Holder) using Patons SWS in Natural Geranium. It’s going pretty well even though my gauge is off (ha ha – big surprise!). I figure it will warm me up for the Fitted Knits Along that starts April 1 (yay!).

Mini Sweater 1

Oh and sometime later today when you find yourself humming Devo, I hope you think of me and smile…..


One thought on “Rip it good

  1. I like that little song – I’m going to be thinking of that next time I have to rip something out! Sorry you had to do so much of it this weekend though.

    Your post makes me giggle – it’s not often you see one combining knitting, 80s songs and mythology all in one post!

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