The Ripping Block


Welcome ladies and gents! What we have here is a new addition to the ripping block! Here you’ll find Exhibit A: a sweater pattern called Rusted Root, designed by the ladies over at Zephyr Style and knit in Candy Apple Cotton Fleece by Brown Sheep Yarn Co. This sweater was knit almost completely during one snowed in week after Thanksgiving, and has not been touched since. Note the voluminous sleeves and ill-fitting torso, true signs of the knitter’s unfortunate lack of foresight (she didn’t even bother to try it on until it was almost finished!). And upon closer inspection, you will notice the botched lace pattern where she slipped the stitches incorrectly! Such a knitting travesty! This sweater is as prime a candidate for the ripping block as has ever been witnessed before! Don’t miss the opportunity to see this one frogged!

Is it me or do you hear the Devo too?


One thought on “The Ripping Block

  1. I hear that Devo! Good to know it can be re-knit quickly though. I am debating between the smallest size (like I knit Green Gable) or the 2nd smallest, as it doesn’t seem there’s as much opportunity to custom fit this pattern due to the lace pattern/emphasis on # of rows. Hmmm. Which size is Exhibit A?

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