The Longest Month

Why is it that March always seems like the longest month of the year? December and August both have 31 days, but they don’t seem to drag on nearly as long as March. Maybe it’s the whole “In like a lion, out like a lamb” thing. If you think about it, a good two thirds of March is still winter. Maybe this month seems at least twice as long as the average month because right about now I’m so freaking tired of winter that I can’t seem to wait one more second for spring to arrive. And now that spring is “officially” here, good old March is up to its same old tricks. Here, have a little taste of sunshine, nope that five minutes was enough, now I’m taking it back. The only good thing about March is the fact that Daylight Savings Time started early this year. Yep, we got an extra hour of daylight to see the pouring rain by. Nice. I guess if you’re Irish and/or a beer drinker there’s always St. Patrick’s Day to break up this never-ending bore of a month. But since I’m neither, well, March sucks for me.

And this month it doubly sucked because this March I was going to make do without buying any yarn. But somehow March got its stranglehold on me and I just.couldn’ to the end of the month. My feeble will was crushed by its evil longevity. I’m pathetically addicted! So, this is what I got:

Noro Lily

10 skeins of Noro Lily in color #36 (which is a pretty pale lavender). I bought it on eBay and got an amazing deal – probably close to 50%-60% off! I have since read that it’s been discontinued – maybe that’s why the deal was so good. Yay for me! It was meant for Sahara, but after swatching it I decided that it isn’t really drapey enough. Luckily though, I think it will work as a substitute for Muench’s String of Pearls for the Kate Gilbert Keyhole top that I want to make out of the latest Interweave. Bad girl that I am, I also purchased some yarn this morning for Sahara from WEBS that I will post about later when I receive it. R. Darling reads my blog so I’m sure I’ll have to divulge this little secret sooner or later….

Not much knitting going on around here. Gwenny Gwen Gwen has been on American Idol so I have been glued to the TV instead of working on the mini-sweater or the warm woolies cardigan coat. Three more days and this ceaseless month will be over! Can’t wait….


One thought on “The Longest Month

  1. I also love that keyhole top! Maybe another KAL! Is there one already? I haven’t worked with Muench String of Pearls, but it seems like a lot of the IK designers use it. I’ve never seen it out “in the wild”. I haven’t actually worked with Noro Lily either. What did you decide on the Sahara yarn-wise?

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