The S Word

Yep, this is what I woke up to this morning…. The S word. That nasty little four letter word that opens the portal to a stream of even more four letter words in our household. The bane of many Pacific Northwesterners: S-N-O-W. Isn’t it supposed to be spring?

muscari in snow

It’s a good thing I’m knitting the Textured Tunic from Stefanie Japel’s Fitted Knits book for the Fitted Knits Along (it’s 100% wool & long-sleeved), ’cause it looks like winter might be sticking around a bit longer.

But just when I thought the sun might never get around to shining, I found some sunshine in my mailbox! Look at these great buttons that I bought from the sweet gal over at Vintage Necessities :

floral mop buttonsrhinestone buttonssquare mop buttonsred buttons

And just look at the super cute packaging and the beautiful extra mother of pearl button she included:

button box 1

button box 2

big mop button

The gal at Vintage Necessities was amazing to work with – she carries all kinds of buttons (many that aren’t listed in her etsy shop) and will do a special search for you based on your specifications. I told her I was looking for something decorative for the top button on the Textured Tunic and something less contrast-y for the buttons to go along the shirttail hem portion. I sent her a scan of the swatch I knit using the yarn for the sweater (for color ideas) and also a scan of the picture of the sweater from the book. Based on that she sent me back an e-mail with quite a few images of different buttons she had in stock that would fit the size I needed, as well as the idea I had in mind. I highly recommend her services to anyone that needs buttons for a project. She’s great to work with, super friendly and right on task! Check out her etsy shop: Vintage Necessities or contact her directly for special requests ( You’ll be so glad you did!

In knitting news, I’m still waiting for yarn to start Sahara for the SKC KAL. Hopefully that will arrive from WEBS any day now. I’ve started the Textured Tunic for the Fitted Knits Along and have gotten to the portion where I separate the sleeves. I’ll have to wait for R. Darling to come home to take a proper picture before I can share. If I tried to do it myself it would probably come out all wonky, so I won’t even attempt it…..

2 thoughts on “The S Word

  1. Sorry for the snow (yuck.) What kind of flowers are those? They’re great!

    Thanks for the info on the buttons – I will definitely check them out! They look amazing!

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