Scent of a Knitter


I read this book the other day titled “Perfume – The Story of a Murderer” by Patrick Suskind and it’s had me pondering things for a few days since I finished it. Do I really smell like cat poo and sour cheese was among the top questions (the main character concocts a “human” smelling perfume that includes those particular items), and I spent a lot of time surreptitiously sniffing myself. But I also started to wonder if successful people smell a certain way, and if they do, is that why they’re so successful? Is success lured in by their scent? In the book, the main character spends a good deal of time looking for someone who has the scent that will inspire love. Do the rich and famous somehow exude a smell that causes other people to throw riches at their feet and shower them with adoration? And if so, can I have some please? A splash of young and beautiful with a spritz of creative genius would do quite nicely.

If there were such a thing as a knitter’s scent, a smell that would guarantee successful knitting, I apparently do not possess it and have no hope of ever doing so. It would be a perfume that causes wool to become putty in your hands, fiber to conform to your whims and perfect garments to unfold from your needles. Every single garment I have tried to knit for myself has left me utterly disappointed. This one, the Textured Tunic I’ve been discussing that I’m knitting for the Fitted Knits Along, is no exception. I’m actually too embarrassed of it to even bother posting it on the Fitted Knits Along site. I’m entirely unhappy with the way the box stitch is looking using this particular yarn (though now that I look at a photograph of it instead of looking at it up close, it looks more like box stitch and a lot less like I was trying to knit stockinette while soused on a bottomless margarita, than I had previously thought). I’m also concerned that it won’t fit properly. Against my better judgement, I followed the advice of the gal at the LYS with more experience than I, and made a size smaller than I normally would have. I don’t think I have any choice but to continue in this vein as I won’t have enough yarn to finish the sweater if I went back and tried to knit it in the larger size. Why do I bother? I sometimes think I should just stick to baby afghans and scarves – things that don’t rely on gauge or fit. I love the challenge, but I’m really done with being disappointed. Maybe next time I’m at the LYS if I surreptitiously rub up against some of the wool bins I can grab a hint of that knitter’s scent and trick my latest project into willing submission. I’ll give it a shot on Saturday when I go to pick up the rest of my yarn…..


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