Yarn Benders & Fake Tans

I don’t feel hungover yet. But in a few hours, when I balance my checkbook, I’ll feel the pain. That familiar throbbing behind the eyes, the vomitous pangs in the pit of your stomach, that bitter taste in your mouth, the guilty “why’s” from the day before. After a month of Prohibition, I guess I was bound to overindulge. I’m embarrassed to admit it but I had a bit of a Yarn Bender last week. Here’s a recap of the damage:

The best way to overindulge is to start with best. Like a fancy Italian Red Wine, this Karabella Aurora Bulky is costly, but immensely pleasing in both quality and texture……

aurora bulky 2

Friday I purchased the remaining 8 balls of yarn for my Textured Tunic from my LYS

And what good is any kind of excursion without something sweet to please your senses?

sock stuff 1

This came back from the LYS with me too – I couldn’t resist the red & pink yarn and I’ve been wanting to try my hand at socks for a while now

Once the buzz from the quality stuff has really set in, you can settle for something with less substance that’s more gentle on the finances. Like well drink specials, you just can’t beat the price and they’ll keep your buzz on for a while…..

k1c2 angora soft

11 skeins each of Knit One Crochet Too’s Angora Soft in Brown & Pale Pink arrived from WEBS yesterday afternoon. Not only were these insanely cheap to begin with, but for some reason WEBS saw fit to give me another 25% off on both these lots! Woo Hoo! I’ll take it….

laines pumpkin

And 16 balls of Laines du Nord Dolly Maxi (a heavy worsted merino wool) for cheap cheap cheap from WEBS too…..

And as yesterday was also our first genuinely gorgeous, warm, day in at least 5 months, I figured it was about time to get my fake on too. With all this yarn to keep me occupied I don’t expect I’ll have much time to work on my tan, so here’s the alternative:

laines tan

Trying something new this year…. we’ll see if I end up looking like this ball of yarn when I’m done

2 thoughts on “Yarn Benders & Fake Tans

  1. I like that Angora Soft! Sounds like it was a great deal too. I used to exclusively use self-tanners back when I was in college and couldn’t afford the tanning beds – it worked pretty well, actually. I haven’t tried the Neutrogena – I’d be interested in hearing how well it works. I think all of the self-tanners work best for people with medium skin or darker – they seem to only turn orange-y on really fair-skinned people.

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