WTF, Textured Tunic?


Front view of Textured Tunic as of April 8, 2007


Side view of Textured Tunic as of April 8, 2007

Well, this is what I have so far for the Textured Tunic I’m making for the Fitted Knits Along. Sorry for the blurry pics, but R. Darling is working and I had to take them myself. I had to turn the flash off so I wouldn’t get glare in the mirror, but then the shutter closes really slowly and it’s hard to stay still while the picture is taken. Maybe I can blame how fat I look on the bad pics! Anyway, I’m actually pretty displeased with how this sweater is turning out. Though I made the smallest size (34.5) it is still huge in the bust area and I even made gauge beforehand (for once!). I actually thought it was going to be too small, but go figure. I do like the design very much, just not how it’s working up as far as sizing. I’m hoping that when I finish the back and get the buttons on it, it will pull the sides in a bit so that I don’t look so shapeless – I actually do have a waist believe it or not :) I did make a change to the front when I was working on it, shortening the length by 10 rows. It probably would have gone to my knees otherwise! I think I’m going to take a break from it for the rest of today though. I can’t decide if I’m going to frog it or not and I just don’t have the heart to do it right now and start over after all that work. And if I decide not to frog it, I’m going to need to do some math (eeeeek!) to figure out how to adjust the back to match the front, and I’m not in the mood right now. Maybe I’ll start Sahara instead….


2 thoughts on “WTF, Textured Tunic?

  1. You don’t look fat, but it is not the most flattering. I think you need waist decreases. Does the top part fit, or is it too loose too? If the top fits, I would frog back to the part just under the bust and start decreasing. Or, another idea is to try going down one needle size right after the bust.

    The 2nd pic made me laugh a little b/c the angle almost looks like you are doing the “talk to the hand” gesture (kind of going along with the WTF post title?!!!!)

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