You’re So Vain….

What are people thinking about when they sing along, audibly, to the Muzak in the pharmacy waiting line?  Are they thinking, “Man, that Carly Simon is the bomb!  Whenever I hear one of her songs I can’t control myself.”?  Or do they spot me coming and think, “Alright.  Here comes a sucker.  If I sing in front of this girl, she’ll notice my amazing talent and tell me how if I was about 50 years younger I might just make it on American Idol.”?  Or maybe they just don’t care what anyone thinks.  Getting old can do that to people.  I suppose I could use a dash of this kind of devil-may-care attitude myself.  Just a little though.  I wouldn’t want to find myself singing in the pharmacy along with the Muzak or anything.  But isn’t it funny how you can always tell when people don’t know the words to a song?  “You’re so vain, You probably think this song is about you, You’re so vain…. hmmm-hmm-hmm……Don’t you, Don’t you…..”

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