Rusted Root Reprise


Rusted Root “The Beginning”: 04-09-07

rr yarn

All that’s left of poor Rusted Root Part I……

Well, Monday was the Day of the Frog here at my house. And the main victim of the day was poor Rusted Root. You can read a detailed description of my knitting crimes related to this pattern here, but suffice it to say, Rusted Root Part I was a definite loser. Too big, the wrong color, all that junk that leaves you so uninspired you find it easy to stuff it into your knitting bag and forget about it. Now that I’ve got something else stuffed in the knitting bag that I’m choosing to ignore because of the monkeying around I’m going to have to do to get it to fit right, I figured it was about time to resurrect the Rusted Root. I’d originally planned to knit Sahara for the SKC knitalong, but after doing a pattern readthrough, I decided it was perhaps a bit complicated for my knitiot’s mind and I just wasn’t in the mood. So, having knit approximately 2/3 of Rusted Root once already and knowing it was a quick and easy knit, I went back for some comfort. As it is almost spring now though, the candy apple Cotton Fleece I’d originally chosen seemed too fall-ish. I wanted something spring-y. So I swiped the Angora Soft I received on Saturday and had earmarked for Sahara, and it’s knitting up pretty nicely so far. This is what I’ve managed to complete to date (and I haven’t even cursed once since starting! My hair’s mostly intact too….):


It’s not much to look at yet, but it does soothe my soul….


One thought on “Rusted Root Reprise

  1. ouch! how did you do it? I only had 32 rows completed and had to frog the entire thing b/c I had dropped a stitch marker and wasn’t increasing at the beginning of one sleeve. It was too painful and I had to have a friend do it. Since you had done so much the first time, what do you think of starting with the ribbing at the neck line instead of picking up those stitches later?

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