Knitty Mag-ness

So I went a little nuts in Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon. Here’s what I came home with:


Knit ‘N Style, Knit Today (UK), Knitting (UK), Simply Knitting (UK)

I should probably just bite the bullet and subscribe to the British ones, but it gives me an excuse to get out of the house once in a while when the new ones come out. Otherwise I’m in serious danger of forgetting what the outside world looks like.

So here’s what I want to knit (as if I had time to start more projects!):


This one’s from Knit ‘N Style – made from Patons Grace which I think should be pretty cheap if I can find it. I think I would add waist decreases though….. Haven’t looked at the pattern yet to see if this would be possible. Of course the boxy shape could have its advantages. Going on 7 weeks of not working out (waiting to get my knee fixed), and I could use a little camouflage on the old buddha belly.


OMG! Gorgeous or what? It’s Noni – need I say more? (from Knit Today I think….)


Sweater from Lisa Shobhana Mason’s book Yarnplay. This one came from Knitting (sorry for the glare – I was too lazy to use the scanner today). Love this design!


This is so cute! I want to make it even though it’s almost the wrong time of year for it. From Simply Knitting.

I guess I’d better go finish a few things so I can make room for some new projects!


One thought on “Knitty Mag-ness

  1. Looks like they have a good selection of magazines at your Barnes & Noble – I hadn’t seen a few of those. The cami should be easy to add waist shaping to, as the design is really only at the bottom. Hope you had a fun weekend!

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