Knitting in the Park With Creepy Wall Paintings

~ Friday April 20

Number of caloric specialty coffee drinks purchased and imbibed – 1 (v.g.), number of times wondered if men on benches nearby were gay – 5 (v. bad of me), number of dodgy men in nearby vicinity – 3 (scary!!), number of dodgy men who felt compelled to ask how my day was going – 1 (v. bad & v. scary!), number of times felt very good about knitting in sunshine – 12 (hurrah!), number of creepy wall paintings by bathroom mistaken for real people – 1 (v. bad as had to use potty!).

Can you tell have just finished reading Bridget Jones?

Friday was lovely. Spent the day in the square down in a historic portion of our city near the waterfront, knitting happily in the sunshine while R. Darling kayaked (can’t go because of bum knee – booooo!).


This was the view from my bench. The big white screen is used to show movies at night during the summertime. Have always wanted to go, but just never seem to get around to it.


Just sitting down to get started, with obligatory fatty yummy sugary coffee drink to keep me company. I’m making the pink flower top hat from Susan B. Anderson’s Itty Bitty Hats for a friend who’s having a baby girl soon. It was the perfect project to bring: small, simple (rounds and rounds of stockinette with no need to count rounds, only measure), and it was the only thing I brought to occupy myself so it was the perfect way to make progress on something that really needs to get done! Somewhere halfway through the few hours I sat there, hubby called from “our park” (the one we got married at, pictured in April 13th’s Photo Friday posting) to say he was there and was thinking of me. So sweet!!

After a while, the coffee started to work and I thought about walking over to the public bathrooms. But from where I was sitting, I could see a shady looking guy standing right outside of them, so being the hyper-paranoid girl that I am, I decided I’d better wait until he left. I knitted. I waited. Things were starting to get uncomfortable. I knitted. I waited some more. Man, why is that guy still standing there after all this time? After about an hour when he was still standing there, I realized, rather sheepishly, that I had been staring at a wall painting the whole time. What’s even more sad – he’s fooled me before.


Here he is – creepy wall painting man himself….. Trust me – he looks pretty real from 100 yds away!

Here’s a few more photos from our historic little portion of town, one depicting how the area looked around the 1920’s, and a plaque that I’ve never really noticed before commemorating a building that must have stood on this spot at one point in time. I so wish I could have seen it before it was demolished!



By the time R. Darling phoned that he was loaded up and ready to pick me up, this is what I’d accomplished……


Not too shabby for a beautiful afternoon in the park…..


One thought on “Knitting in the Park With Creepy Wall Paintings

  1. LOL on the Bridget-esque commentary! You did get a lot done sitting there- I sat outside on Saturday knitting myself! It was a great day here as well. What was up with that creepy guy (who is now immemorialized for everyone to gape at.)

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