Hokie Colors?


Yarns pictured with the cute new paper box I got at the Daiso Japan (basically a Japanese Dollar Store) that they just opened in our mall

Inspired by the Mosaic Yarn Shop’s drive to collect knitted & crocheted squares to make blankets for the families of the Virginia Tech tragedy, I looked through my pretty much non-existent stash for some yarn to make some squares with and found pretty much zip, zero, nada. So, as this supplied the perfect excuse, I took myself down to my LYS and did a little browsing. I had the list that Phyl put on her site for suggestions and found the Noro Iro right away. It jumped in my hand and then I walked around the shop, squeezing, pawing, and fondling until I’d found a few more choices. I kind of stuck to the “burnt orange” colors as I wasn’t too clear on the “maroon” color (was this one too red, that one too purple? How could I tell if I wasn’t even a Hokie?). As requested by Robin, here’s photos of what I got and the brands and color numbers.


Noro “Iro” – color #9
This was recommended on Phyl’s site & I used it as a jumping off point for comparing colors


Heirloom “Bolero” – color #873
(it’s less red and more orange in real life)


Laines Vacques Fonty “Antique” – color #20
(I think. Hard to tell which is shade # and which is dyelot)


Manos del Uruguay – color M (as in: MMMMmmmmm…..)
This was the only one I chose in the “maroon” color. I don’t know if it’s the right color, but it *is* yummy!

Hope this helps any of you other knitters who are looking for yarn to knit with for this project. Have fun – I know I will! I’ve got a long road trip coming up this weekend and I think I may just pop a couple of these into my bags to keep me entertained on the way….


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