OMG – I ♥ Joan McGowan-Michael!!  Have you seen her new book “Knitting Lingerie Style“?  I can’t even begin to describe to you how totally stoked I am to be able to combine two of the things I love the most in this world (besides R. Darling of course!): Knitting & Lingerie.  Squeee!  The first thing I did when I spied it waiting for me on the counter after work, was rip open the packaging and sit myself down for a quick flip-through.  You know, purely for instant gratification.  I turned the pages feverishly with that same feeling I used to get when R. Darling and I lived 6 hours apart and hadn’t seen each other in 4 weeks.  No polite waiting please!  I don’t want to do anything other than devour you, search every last inch, eye every last detail.  Satisfy me quickly, and I’ll come back for a long langorous tryst once my initial thirst is quenched.  It was all visual.  No reading of needle sizes, charts, construction instructions and all that boring stuff.  Feed me those gorgeous photos!  I don’t know what I’ll make first, but my eye is on a simple, yet sexy, silk and pearls cami.  I love love love pearls and how could I resist a cami with pearl straps?  There’s also a gorgeous Fit-N-Flare Trumpet Skirt that I’m really tempted to make up for summer.  I’ve always shied away from knitted skirts, but this one actually looks flattering, so I might give it a shot.

As if this wasn’t enough excitement for one day, I got the double deuce (as my work pal would say) because my Summer Interweave Knits arrived in the mail today too!  I love the Little Smocked Cardigan and the Wheat-Ear Cable Yoke as well as the gorgeous Syncopated Caps.  As I just joined the Interweave Knits Knit-Along recently I’ve got to choose something from my stacks of Interweaves and one of these may just be the next thing on my needles.

But right now, I think it might be time for that second time around with my new sexy book……

BTW: You know a book is worth it when your husband says, “Your boobs would look good in that!”, to every pattern you show him!


2 thoughts on “KnittyNaughty

  1. I’ve gotten mine too from White Lies Designs. Massive eye candy fix! But more than that, the garments actually look doable and like I can work them right into my existing wardrobe this minute. Gorgeous camisoles and tanks for the rapidly approaching hot weather.
    Can’t wait to start!

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