Knittymuggins Meets Some Celebrities

So the other thing I do, besides knitting, is kayaking.  Well, sort of.  Let’s put it this way.  R. Darling does kayaking the way I do knitting.  Reads about it constantly, dreams about it, writes about it, practically breathes the stuff.  I go along for the ride.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s really relaxing to be on the water, spying on water creatures and listening to the waves gently lapping against your kayak.  I do enjoy it.  Really I do.  I just don’t love it like he does.  But I support his hobby.  It’s good for me to drag my butt outdoors once in a while and it’s something nice we can do together.  Because, let’s face it, he’s not about to join in on my hobby anytime soon.  But it’s all good because he supports my hobby in other ways (he’s never once complained about my yarn habit!).  So I figure the least I can do is reciprocate that patience.

So yesterday they had a kayak thing at one of our local parks and we got together some of our gear and headed over.  I brought my knitting because, with my sad right knee (which will be getting fixed May 17), I can’t really kayak right now.  We brought some of our older gear which we managed to sell within the first hour (Woo Hoo! $679 for R. Darling to spend on more kayaking gear….) and then R. Darling brought his boat down to the water to test out some paddles.


People putting in at the lake


R. Darling testing out a Werner paddle

While R. Darling tested out paddles, I drove to a deli with a friend and bought us lunch.  So I chose a random picnic table and sat down to eat and wait for R. to finish up the testing process.  As I had my mouth stuffed with sub sandwich two guys asked if there was room for them to share my table.  I said a muffled, “Sure” around the giant bite of food in my mouth.  I think there must be some kind of law that the second you take a ginormous bite of food, someone must ask you a question.  One guy sat down and started eating a salad and the other guy took off only to come back a few minutes later.  Somehow, we managed to end up chatting a bit and were soon joined by a guy dressed all in black that R. Darling had pointed out the minute we arrived.  “That’s Dubside“, he’d said reverently.  In fact, we were there mostly to see his rolling demonstration.  He is the consummate professional in this area, having traveled to Greenland to study and compete with the Native Greenlanders. 

Isn’t this interesting, I thought to myself.  To put it in knitspeak, it would be like taking R. Darling to a knitting workshop and yarn venue only to come back from a yarn purchase to find him chatting up Elizabeth Zimmerman and Eunny Jang.  I just hoped I could remain charming enough to keep them around in time for R. to finish his testing process. Because, let’s face it, I’m the last person they’d want to talk to about kayaking.  Even though R. Darling doesn’t get very starstruck, I still thought it would be cool for him to meet these guys.  Well, it came out that the salad eater is also another kayaking power hitter: The Dash Point Pirate.  R. reads his blog quite a lot and he is apparently coming into his own at rolling as well.  The look of surprise on R. Darling’s face when he discovered who I was sitting with, was really amazing.  Here’s his shy wife sitting with these kayaking celebrities!  I did manage to find out that Dubside used to play frat parties back in the day with a modified electric guitar and he’s especially good at reggae tunes.  Kind of an entertaining fact about a kayaking legend.  They were a very nice group of guys.


Dubside setting up for the rolling demonstration

After, we dropped off the kayak we’d sold at the buyer’s home and then drove down to the waterfront and drank our coffees while looking at the salt water.  I knitted my third Hokie Healing square in the Noro Iro #9.  This yarn is fantastic!  Smooth, like buttah, and velvety thick.  I’d love to make something out of it, but can’t see myself wearing a garment made out of this stuff.  Just too much for me (too much moola as well as “too too” if you know what I mean).  But a scarf would be lovely. 


The Noro Square


And here’s the second Hokie Square I finished last week……

And that, bloggy peeps, was my Saturday……


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