Oh Baby! A New FO!


Flower Hat from Susan B. Anderson’s Itty-Bitty Hats – Finished 5-09-07

Yay!  It’s finished!!  I’ve had this hat almost complete for a couple weeks now.  It’s just the finish work that gets to me.  Weaving in all those ends, sewing down the petals.  You do all that knit work and think you’re pretty well finished, but no-o-o, there’s all those pesky little tedious odds and ends you have to do to make it look just right.  Blech.  I think I would rather go to the mall naked than do finish work.  But it’s done and it doesn’t look half bad (I couldn’t say the same for me schlepping shoppping bags in the buff) so I guess finish work is good for something!  I missed the baby shower last weekend because we had a wedding to go to, but this little sweetie will get sent soon, along with a crocheted blanket (which I have yet to start – eeek!).  I think I’ve got until sometime in June but – yikes! – that’s coming up quick!

2 thoughts on “Oh Baby! A New FO!

  1. Very cute! No babies coming right now though, we’re in that stage that the kids are too young to date & all our friends are done having sprouts. Ten years at least til the next baby boom around here.

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