Rusted Root And A Bunch Of Firsts


Rusted Root from Zephyr Style knit in K1C2 Angora Soft – Finished 5-10-07

Voila!!  Here she is, the first of many, and many firsts all in one.  I would have liked to present her to you, modeled properly, but alas!- my favorite photographer (R. Darling) was booked up today.  So I’m afraid you get the 2-D version until after the weekend at least.  I mentioned that this sweater marks the first of a lot of things for me.  This is the first sweater that I’ve ever knit (and completed).  It’s also the very first item that I’ve ever knit for myself.  I seem to knit for everyone else but me most of the time.  On top of that, it’s the first sweater I’ve ever knit for a knitalong (over at the SKC) and the SKC is the first club/KAL group that I ever joined.  This is also the first sweater that I’ve knit twice (though I’m sure there’s more of that to come!) as I had to frog completely the first version and start again.  Ah – the memories!

Now that I’ve got two FO’s for the last two days, I’m a little afraid my finishing streak might be in danger of coming to an end already.  It’s not like me to actually finish something before starting to dream about the next project!  To keep from jinxing myself I won’t mention what else I’m working on/dreaming about just yet.  Perhaps it’s time to resurrect something from the wadded up ball in the bottom of the knitting bag?  Who am I kidding?  Not likely I’ll go back to something with bad knitting juju when I could start fresh with something that hasn’t yet caused me to curse repeatedly or develop a nervous tic.  But I think for now, I’m going to bask for a bit in the warmth of the FO glow….. 


3 thoughts on “Rusted Root And A Bunch Of Firsts

  1. Looks beautiful!! Congrats on your first finished sweater for yourself – I can’t wait to see how it looks on you! Bad knitting juju – I think I’ve used that phrase myself a few times (LOL!)

  2. That top is really nice…when I saw the pattern on the site, I wasn’t that keen, but I keep seeing versions knitted by actual people which I really like! I’m wondering whether it’s to do with the colour they photographed it in.

  3. M- I love it! Congratulations on finishing. I completely understand the concept of being more excited about the planning and getting the materials than actually finishing! Looks Great! Marin

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