Gnome Is Where The Heart Is….


Gnuman the Gnome arrives on my doorstep with assorted goodies

The Knitting Gnome Swap has begun!  And, lucky me, I got the first gnomie visitor!!  Thank you Rae for all the wonderful goodies and for choosing my name nomination (Gnuman) from the first gnome contest!  I’m a little nervous that I won’t be able to show my new visitor a good time while he’s here.  I’m scheduled for knee surgery this Thursday and will be laid up for at least a week so I won’t be very good company – boo-oo-oo! – (that is, unless he doesn’t mind watching Spongebob and eating Sour Patch Kids all day……)  Plus, I got a little hungover on my trip out of town this weekend and poor R. Darling had to drive his queasy girl all the way home (5+ hours) from eastern WA.  He’s such a saint!  So, needless to say, Gnuman and I won’t be drinking any margaritas or dancing on any tables to Joan Jett tunes while he’s here.  But he seems like a quiet kind of guy, so perhaps he’ll be content to meet our puppies, visit the waterfront and go out to dinner with us.  I’ve only got 5 days with him though, so at least if I’m too boring, he’ll be on to his next stop soon enough.


4 thoughts on “Gnome Is Where The Heart Is….

  1. Awwww.. Gnuman rocks! I’m pleased Gnuman and Gnorman are on their way through our knitty little world! It looks like he brought you many many goodies! I’m sure the little guy will be happy with whatever you and he choose to do together.
    Good luck with your knee surgery.. bummer.. Get well soon!

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