Robot Knee Installed Today

So later on this morning I go in to have my robot knee installed. Actually, they’re just doing arthroscopic surgery, but I figure that if they’re going to be rooting around in my knee like that, the least they could do is install some bionic parts. Being able to leap tall buildings in a single bound sounds pretty kick ass. I’m nervous, because I’ve never had surgery before and the whole idea makes me pretty squeamish. But at least I’ll be knocked out for it. I was originally under the impression that I’d only be numbed from the waist down and would be awake for everything. Eeewww! No thanks! That would just be creepy. Anyway, it will be at least over the weekend for my recovery time, maybe more (I’m taking next week off of work), so I won’t be blogging much and if I don’t respond to all you faithful readers right away, it’s just ’cause I’m away from the computer. But I’ll be back soon! And hopefully with a lot of knitting accomplished too! I’ll keep you posted on the robot knee installation…..and any super powers that develop.

Oh, and if you’re curious where I’ve taken Gnuman the Gnome, you can read about his adventures over here.  Have fun! 


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