The Cartilage Is Half Full

I’ve always been one of those people who , when asked if the glass is half full or half empty, will smile brightly and say, “Well, it’s half full of course!”, while inside I’m secretly screeching, “Half Empty!  It’s half empty you numbskull!  Just look at it!  H-a-l-f-e-m-p-t-y!!!!.” At least that’s how I imagine I’ve always been.  There’s this dichotomy of wanting to give the “right” answer, yet feeling deeply that it’s really not what I actually feel.  So imagine my surprise on Thursday last week when I woke up from the anesthesia shivering uncontrollably and the doctor, noticing I was waking up, came over to tell me about my procedure.  He explained what he had seen in my knee and told me that he’d taken out half of the meniscus pad on the medial (inside) area of my knee.  I mumbled drunkenly, “That’s not too bad?”, hoping he’d say he’d seen worse and that this was by no means a big deal.  He confirmed that it “wasn’t too bad” and I’d be fine.  In the seconds before I burst into tears (the nurse told me this was a normal reaction to anesthesia, but I still felt like I had just finished dead last in the ultimate tough gal competition) I thought, “Only half.  That means I’ve still got half and the whole pad on the other side.  That’s o.k.  I’ll be o.k.” It was like some kind of breakthrough.  For once I’d seen the glass as half full, seen that I’d been lucky to have the half left that I did, instead of crying about the half that was lost.  Maybe all my pessimism had been somehow stored inside that little half-moon piece of cartilage they’d taken out!  Though I’m not feeling 100% now, I do like this new feeling that I’ll be o.k. and the cartilage, instead of being half gone, is really half there.  Half full.

Since I am only able to hobble a little from room to room right now, I spend a lot of time watching movies/tv and sitting with my foot up.  So I’ve been able to start another Lion Brand Pound of Love afghan for the same gal that I made the pink flower hat for.  I also swatched for the Back To School U-Neck Vest from Stefanie Japel’s Fitted Knits Book for the Fitted Knits Along, using Cascade 220 in Silver Grey.  And I managed to block a couple things in between.  I have this whole week off from work and honestly, I’m glad, because I don’t really feel up to being at work right now.  I need a little “me” time and for once I’m going to get it.  Life is good.

Until I’m back to posting regularly, I hope that you are all finding your glasses to be half full!  Or even better: overflowing!  Cheers….. 


One thought on “The Cartilage Is Half Full

  1. Maryanne,
    I am sure that your knee will be just fine! Just relax, keep your leg up and knit and world will look better, I hope :D

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