Knit.1 Summer 2007 – My Faves

Look what came in the mail yesterday!
(More stuff here.)

And these are some of the patterns I liked the best……

Love this tank! Yum! Except for the set in bust area.  Don’t know how I feel about constructing those……

This tank is super cute! I could do without the gold hot pants though. And I’m sure my thighs (and the general public) could do without me wearing them too!

This one’s kind of cute, if plain. Seems like it might be kind of flattering though (at least if you’re a size 0 like this model!).  And cozy. Gotta have the cozy.  Maybe a little ribbon added to the waist area to flash it up……

Very classic! I’ve never actually crocheted a garment though, so this could be a challenge for me as far as gauge and fit.

Cute skirt! Not my colors though. Maybe reds & browns…..

This is *so* not me! But for some reason I love how it looks on the model – especially with the tights and the boots. I don’t know that I’d ever make it because it would just be an awful lot of work and would probably look about as good as the hot pants on me, but for some reason I’m still drawn to it.

Which ones do you like?


5 thoughts on “Knit.1 Summer 2007 – My Faves

  1. Hi Knittymuggins,
    I just got your comment about the toe-up socks from the IK -KaL. Yep, I’m sure you could totally do these. The cast on is different for sure – I had to do it a couple of times and honestly, I’m not positive if I’ve got it totally right since I can’t see them in person, however, they look fine to me. I had to do the short row heel a couple of times too (I’ve always done heel flaps), but I guess that’s how I roll. I have to go through the process to understand how it’s constructed, then I can rip back and re-do it properly. The rest of the pattern is easy -peasy. Just a K2 P2 ribbing (I see from your hat pattern you’ve had about all you can take from that ribbing business :). I really like how you can try these one as you go. I highly recommend sock knitting! Best thing, there are so many great sock knitting resources on the web. Have fun and good luck!

  2. PS – I see on your profile you are in the Pacific NW – where? I’m in Seattle. I love happening upon comments and correspondence with knitters close by!

  3. I’m working on the dress right now, for my daughter. It’s not that hard once you get the hang of the chart. Unfortunately, when I started on the sleeves, I found that there is an error in the chart — the stitch key indicates a stitch that can’t possibly be correct. I emailed the magazine and hope I will get an answer but if I don’t hear soon, I’m going to white-knuckle it and try to figure something out for myself. I’m using Sierra Cascade because I felt that an all-cotton yarn as suggested in the patttern would stretch out in an instant, with all that heavy texturing in the skirt. This yarn is part wool and it has a lovely, bouncy hand. If I can figure out the sleeve problem I will be finished by the middle of December.

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