Photo Friday – May 25, 2007


Look what came in the mail on Wednesday!

The extremely thoughtful and very lovely Jeanie from the SKC sent me a little gifty to keep me occupied while I’m laying around on the couch with my gimpy knee.  2 skeins of Sweet Feet Sock yarn (colors: Shasta Daisy & Bluebonnet)!  I don’t really knit socks yet so this is the perfect reason to start.  I’ve been feverishly digging through all my knitting mags and online to try to find a good beginner’s pattern.  Anyone have any good suggestions?

This totally made my day!  Thanks so much Jeanie!  You’re the best :)


4 thoughts on “Photo Friday – May 25, 2007

  1. I made my sock pal’s socks out of Hill Country Yarn last year…I loved it! You’ve just tempted me to buy some more for me! :-)

    Thanks for your nice comment on the SKC, by the way. I’m happy to finally be finishing, and my wrists will be really happy too.

  2. Welcome to the dark side….once you get hooked on socks there is almost no turning back. I’m a total addict :o) And with all the cool socks yarns out there now a days it’s hard not to be!! Tomorrow I’m off to Seattle with Gnorm! I’ll be posting on the blog tomorrow night (I just did a brief posting for today though! This swap is so much fun!!)

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