Fun From Switzerland

More fun mail arrived Friday!

Looky what I got from Kasia who lives in Switzerland!  Some lovely chocolate which is made near where she lives, a postcard which shows her town, lovely pink yarn (a future beaded scarf maybe?) and the little blue circles at the bottom are earrings she crocheted herself!  Fantastic! 

Groovy Swiss stamps!

I have a “thing” for stamps, so I just had to show these stamps that arrived on her package.  Silly me, I loved these almost as much as I loved what was inside!  Simple minds….

Thanks again Kasia!  Everything was lovely and you really made my day!  Now I’m planning something fun for you…..


2 thoughts on “Fun From Switzerland

  1. Hi,

    Thank you so very much for the lovely goodies that arrived with Gnuman on Saturday. The yarn is great and just the perfect colors. The scrapbook mag is also a very nice touch. Again thanks and I hope that your knee is coming along nicely.

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