The Demise Of Words

Do you ever wonder what happens to words? Like whatever the word for “kick ass” was in Greek which no one remembers and no one ever uses anymore?  Are they just laid to rest in Webster’s and that’s that?  How does it happen, this demise of a word?  Is it immediate or a slow attrition?  Do people suddenly stop using a word and immediately take up with the next big thing, or do they continue to insert it here and there in conversation hoping they can keep the old word alive because, well, they just can’t get used to the new word?  Take “fetching” for example. At some point in time, like when men wore hosiery, this was the word. Some guy in tights would say to his similarly tights-clad fellow, “Behold yonder fetching wench!”.  Which at some point was replaced with:  “Dude. Check out that hottie!”  How did this happen?  Hosiery ditched for socks, fetching ditched for hot? Ponderous, man.  Really ponderous.


Well, Fetching is back.  At least in the knitting sense.  I started my second pair in Debbie Bliss Merino Aran – Color: Chocolate Brown.  These are for my mom.  She is impossible to buy gifts for (so this is her late Mother’s Day gift) and she says she would like a pair of fingerless gloves for walking on the beach.  Hopefully I can finish them by the weekend….. 


3 thoughts on “The Demise Of Words

  1. Looking good! Ironic that you used a symbol (which, how did it come about?) in the picture accompanying your post about words/expression!

  2. I have yet to give in to the fetching craze. I’m slow on these things. I’ve just recently started my first Jaywalker…so I guess I’m just slow on the knitting trends :o) They look great so far! I love the yarn. YUM! I bet they are super soft too. And about the words. I’m a total dork and use words that are Soooooo out of style. I do it on purpose. It embarasses my teenager. And that makes life that much more kiss ass now doesn’t it? :o)

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