Nuthin’ But Pics


Finished Mom’s chocolate Fetching mitts this morning


Finally got R. Darling to take a picture of me modeling my finished Rusted Root!

Now I’m just trying to work monogamously on my current Pound Of Love afghan since my friend had her baby on the 29th and I’d like to finish her gift and send it off before her little girl gets to high school!  Hope it’s a happy knitting day wherever you are!


3 thoughts on “Nuthin’ But Pics

  1. Fetching looks great! I think you did an adorable work! Rusted Root is indeed a lovely pattern and I like how it came out! It looks very handsome on you!

  2. I seriously got to get going on a Rusted Root. Every time I see one I like it more! Yours is great and it looks like it fits very well. Nice work!

  3. I second Wendee’s motion! It looks lovely on you. I also have a baby blanket to work on…my niece is due in July, so I need to practice some serious monogamy with this project.

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