I ♥ Lexie Barnes!

Oh and you know what else?  I also spend way too much money!  But after the crocheting nightmare that was yesterday, I was awfully glad for the retail therapy that arrived on my front doorstep this evening when I came home.

Yesterday’s Catastrophic Knotstravaganza

It took me a good 2 hours yesterday afternoon to unravel this ginormous snarl of acrylic.  No curse words, no twitching eye or anything, and all alcohol-free.  After that, I think I could be patient enough for anything.  But just in case there was any lingering nasty karma left in my fingers, I put it aside for the rest of the night and went back to the On-Your-Toes Socks from IK Summer 2007.  I’m halfway through turning the heel, but I’m going to wait until it actually looks like a sock before posting progress pics.  I’m a little afraid I’ve made it big enough for Sasquatch feets to wear, but I guess I can always make a puppet out of it or sew it into a g-string for R. Darling if the wearability thing doesn’t work out. 


But on to the retail therapy!  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of the inside of the package, because for some strange reason I’m almost always more interested in the way things are packaged, than what’s actually inside.  Just ask R. Darling.  Christmas and birthdays are torturous affairs for him as I carefully take off the bow, and then piece by piece, the tape, from each and every gift.  Poor guy.  I’m probably walking a fine line here, because next year he may just get wise and give me fantastically packaged empty boxes instead!    Lexie Barnes stuff always comes packaged so beautifully.  A weirdo like me just has to admire that!


And……ta! da!.…….Here’s what was inside: my new Lexie Barnes Flo bag!  I love this Baja print because there are tiny little skulls mixed in with the flowers.  Girly pink + Rock chick skulls = So cool.  This bag turned out to be bigger than I’d expected.  But that’s fine.  Just means I can cram even more stuff into it (including those not-to-be-mentioned items that I tend to shove into the bottoms of bags the second I hit a wee little snag….).  I hate to admit it, but sometimes retail therapy really rocks.


One thought on “I ♥ Lexie Barnes!

  1. Maryanne, the bloody yarn really seems to get it’s own life and plated itself rather nastily! I hope that now it got to it’s nice non-plated state!
    Bag is just fabulous! I went on the page you linked, and I felt like I am in heaven! Enjoy your new knitting bag and post some pics of you knitting out of it :D

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