Guess What Saturday Is…..

Image courtesy of A Good Yarn

It’s W.W.K.I.P. Day!!!  That’s Worldwide Knit In Public Day :)  You can read more about it here.  Crazy cool that knitters all over the world are getting together to knit in public.  I’ll be doing my part I’m sure, just not outdoors and not at the doctor’s office.  Last time I was there I knit while I waited and you should have seen the dirty looks I got, as if I was wasting their time, when they’d already made me wait at least 35 minutes past the time my appointment was supposed to start!  Maybe their office just has a something against knitters.  Maybe if I’d been carving something out of a bit of balsa wood instead, it would all have been different….  R. Darling went to an audiologist once that had weird little storky bird carvings made out of wood in the lobby.  We’re talking weird little birds wearing hats and pants and driving trucks and waterskiing.  Maybe that’s what it takes to get some respect from the medical field around here.

Enjoy W.W.K.I.P Day on Saturday!  Hope it’s a fantastic time wherever you are!


One thought on “Guess What Saturday Is…..

  1. Ohhhh, that’s sooo great! I will try to do some public knitting in my shop :D Maybe I will have to call Aless to come for a knitting session ;) Thanks for sharing!

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