Photo Friday – June 8, 2007


I have been waiting 3 years for these to bloom and they finally opened up their pretty little faces for me this past week!  I’ve been checking them every morning since the buds appeared, like a little kid waiting for Christmas.  My mom had these in her garden when I was growing up and when they moved to California several years back she took some of them with her.  When they moved back here she didn’t really have a garden so we put them in ours.  These are well-traveled peonies!  From what I’ve heard, it takes about 3 years for peonies to get established and then they will start blooming.  Building up their strength I guess.  Another interesting factoid that I learned the other day from my mom (who heard it from her neighbor), is that peonies apparently need ants to bloom.  I was kind of freaked that there were ants all over my peony buds and mom told me that they won’t bloom without them.  So odd.  You won’t be able to see it, but after I took this photo I noticed a little ant right in the center of the peony in the photograph.  Thanks little ant dude for helping my flowers bloom!


3 thoughts on “Photo Friday – June 8, 2007

  1. I love peonies. My next door neighbor has these Japanese peonies (I’m talking like 15 plants between our houses) and the flowers are HUGE! They bloom in April and are already done flowering. He has several other peonies too (he works for a nursery – lucky us to have a connected neighbor!) Now his regular ones are in bloom. My grandmother always had many peony plants in light and darker colors of purple. We always picked big bouquets of them for Memorial day and decorated graves at the cemetery. I planted some a few years ago and they haven’t bloomed – I didn’t know it takes a few years. They die down, but always come back – just no flowers yet. Maybe I need to find some ants and release them. I rarely see any near the flowers…

  2. Your Peonie is gorgeous! In Feng-Shui peonies are the symbol of prosperity and good luck, especcially in love and relations. According the Chinese custom it’s mother’s or aunt’s job to place peonies in her daughter/niece bedroom, but in particular spot, which is supposed to bring her good life and loving husband :D

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