Cold Hands, Warm Heart


So this morning R. Darling asked me to accompany him to a local lake and take some photos while he practiced rolling his kayak, never mind the fact that it’s windy, raining and probably 40 degrees outside and this particular lake is freezing even in the middle of summer.  Crazy boy would rather be upside down in his kayak than right side up!  After snapping approximately 70 photos or so (his digital Canon SLR Rebel has a pretty cool action mode that snaps three shots, one right after another) I retired to a picnic table to knit while he played a bit longer.  Let me tell you, it’s pretty hard to knit socks when you’re freezing your ass off!  But knit I did, frozen fingers and ears and all.  I would have brought Flo, but she’s too pretty to be hanging out with the mud and goose poo at the park. 


 Yes, that is my winter coat along with a fleece and long-sleeved shirt underneath. Brrrrrr!


 Future sock puppet gets a kiss…..


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