A Pound of Sock Monkey Love

Another Pound of Love baby afghan finished (I think this is #5)!  And here it is along with some gratuitous sock monkey goodness especially for my husband :) 


I made this little guy for him as a present to celebrate our “1 year dating anniversary”, as he had one he loved dearly when he was a little boy (he’ll cringe when he reads this, knowing I’ve shared some dirt….I’ll have to be careful or he’ll spill some of mine on his blog – and he’s got some good dirt too!).  We both have a fondness for these compellingly cute/ugly little guys now – we even have a tiny one we hang on the Christmas tree every year! 


Entirely off the subject, but something I’ve been thinking about just the same, is the buzz around Ravelry.  It looks pretty fantastic, honestly.  I am still wondering if I want to sign up or not.  I’ve got something similar at Craftmemo, which is already all set up, but it’s not specifically for knitting and crocheting.  Nor is it interfaced with blogs and communities quite like Ravelry is.  Hmmmm.  Anyone care to share with me what they’re thinking about this new cool thing?


5 thoughts on “A Pound of Sock Monkey Love

  1. I’m enjoying it, it’s forced me to get organized, I even set up an etsy shop. I met a knitter this past weekend at an art event I never would have met without Ravelry. I think with the # of patterns & yarns being entered into the system & the knitters using different yarns for different project we’ll end up with a very valuable resource for yarn substitutions & suggestions for patterns you can make with the amount of yarn you have.

  2. Maryanne,
    the blankie is so cute! and so is the little monkey boy! I am affraid that I can’t share much abou Ravelry, since I have never been to this site, but I heard only good about it.

  3. Hey – that’s a sweet pattern! And I love monkeys too! My dad used to call me his “little monkeyshine” and every since I was a kid, I’m hooked on all things monkey. On Ravelry they ask you for your favorite swear word – mines sh*tmonkey.

    Speaking of Ravelry, I highly recommend it. And what’s nice is that you can go at your own pace. It has really helped me see what projects are languishing – (some of which I now have renewed interest), my unruly stash which is slowly getting organized into bags by weight and color and it has prompted me to reevaluate my yarn buying habits – especially single balls of something that have less than 100 yards. (What do you do what those single, tiny little balls?!)

    It won’t hurt to at least get on the list – it will probably be a while before you get the invite. I think I waited a month or so. After you get the green light you can check out all the features and see if it’s for you. I do understand the duplicating thing – no need to do double the work tracking things in both places, however since Ravelry is specifically for knitting and crocheting I think it’s a winner.


  4. Hello – what a great hummingbird feeder – very cute! Have you ever tried tinting their food with red food coloring? They are very attracted to the color red, and I don’t think the coloring is harmful to them. . . Congrats on attracting a couple!

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