Photo Friday – June 15, 2007


We have a new friend!  I’ve been waiting and waiting for a hummingbird to discover our feeder and now that this little guy has, he’s been visiting us at least 6 or more times during the evening, sometimes just perching and looking around.  He’s a hungry little bird!  We think he’s a Rufous though it’s hard to tell with him zipping off every time he gets startled.  But we did manage to capture this photo through our window using R. Darling’s fancy zoom lens on his Canon.  Rufous hummingbird’s are the most common species where we live, so we guess that’s probably what he is.  And yesterday we were surprised to see what we think is a little girl stopping by to feed as well!  She’s quite curvy (the females are larger than the males) and not as flashy looking as her counterpart.  We imagine Rufous (as we’ve named the little boy) going home to his main squeeze and telling her about the feast he’s discovered at our house.  Oh joy!  I want to call her Pudge, but R. Darling says women don’t take kindly to comments on their physique, so perhaps Lola.  It’s a good name for a curvy girl.


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