Pie & Socks. Socks & Pie.

So Saturday I conjured up a little kitchen magic…..

          rhubarb061807           pie061607a          pie061607b
                     Fresh!                                 Sugar & spiced…..                      All tucked in…..


Fresh baked!

A little of that magic must have spilled out of the kitchen too, because I finished my first sock!


Why is it that it’s nearly impossible to take a flattering picture of yourself wearing your handknit socks? You could have calves like Gisele and they’d still look chunky and gross when photographed in a handknit sock……. 
Note to self:  Must analyze knitting mags for the perfect handknit sock pose that does not make calves look like ass.

Now to try and duplicate the double-dreaded Eastern Cast-on for sock #2.  A little pixie dust over here please…..


3 thoughts on “Pie & Socks. Socks & Pie.

  1. Hi Maryanne, your rhubarb pie looks splendid, I wouldn’t mind a piece with a nice cup of coffee :D And your sock looks absolutely fab! Girl, what do you want from your calves? I wish mine would look like yours!

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