Tag-tastic Tutorial!

Whenever I make a knitted or crocheted gift for someone, I like to include a tag with washing intructions and a tag to let the recipient know that their gift was handmade by me, especially for them.  I figured it would be nice to share the simple way that I make mine for all you other knitters, crocheters, or crafters out there who would like to give their next gift that extra personal touch.  I know that, more often than not, these tags are just thrown out, possibly even ignored, but I still like to include them because I think this small touch can take my gift that extra step from homemade to handmade.  BTW:  I included these in all the Christmas gifts I knit last year, and my SIL told me that when her mom opened the lace scarf I’d made her, she took one look at the tag and scarf and assumed that I’d bought her gift! 


Gift Tag Tutorial




  • Scissors

  • Scrapbooking paper or some other paper for background of tag (Origami paper comes in nice patterns too!)

  • Glue – the particular glue I used is called Zig  2 Way Glue (I don’t know if they sell it anymore as I’ve had it a long time!)  Any quick drying kind will work.  Check the scrapbooking supplies at your local craft store for good options.

  • Avery Marking Tags size 2-3/4″ x 1-11/16″, or whatever size you want your tags to be

  • Sharpie

  • Small hole punch

  • Optional: Stickers with “Handmade by:” on them (I got mine printed for me at My Own Labels, they’ve got a wide selection of colors and styles and the price is reasonable on some of the smaller labels.  I chose this style.)  You could also use a rubber stamp or just write it yourself on the tag.



1.  Cut the string off of the Avery tags.  You can do this carefully if you want to keep the little bit of string to tie back on later, or you can ditch it in favor of ribbon or whatever rocks your crafty senses.


2.  Place your fancy paper upside down on a scrap piece of paper (I’m using some annoying junk mail), flip your tag over, and apply your glue to the backside of the tag. 


3.  Place the sticky side of your tag down onto the back of your fancy paper and press firmly so all edges are stuck down.


4.  Continue in this manner, sticking tags to back of paper, until you have as many tags as you’d like.  I try to maximize how many tags I can fit on a piece of paper so that I don’t waste any of it.  I also make quite a few at a time so I have lots of tags ready for gifts as they are finished.


5.  After glue is dry (this is really quick if you use the Zig stuff I mentioned), cut the tags away from the paper, following the edges of the tag as a guideline.


After cutting you’ll have something like this


6.  The easiest step of all…… punch yourself a hole in your tag!  I use the pre-made hole as a guideline and punch from the top side.


You’ll have something like this afterwards


7.  Sign your name on your stickers if you’re using them.  If not, add whatever stamped or handwritten image or message you like to your tag at this point and then skip to step number 9.


8.  Stick ’em on!


You’ve got yourself a tag baby!
* I know this tag doesn’t have my signature on it. I just figured I could do without identity thefters getting a close up look at my signature!

9.  Now just add a ribbon or re-use the original string tie, attach your new handmade tag to your gifty and give away!


5 thoughts on “Tag-tastic Tutorial!

  1. That’s a lovely idea! One can notice that you are “Pink Girl” all the way, aren’t you? Thanks for sharing! I love the idea of personalising tags :D

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