Malibu, Mosquitoes & Marine Monkeybusiness – Our Weekend in Pictures

40 years ago R. Darling’s dad (my FIL) and 4 friends started an annual “River Float” down the Wenatchee river in Washington State.  What started as 4 crazy young guys getting drunk and disorderly in the wilderness has morphed into a family tradition that’s managed to stand the test of time.  Don’t we have wholesome family values here out west?  As the best parties always do, it started small and before they realized it the party had reached epic proportions (something like 120 people this year) and it just keeps on growing.  My FIL made sure we had our very own souvenir of the 40th anniversary of marine inebriation…………

Front graphic of souvenir shirt

So here’s our 40th anniversary celebration in pictures for you to enjoy!  Grab a margarita, check out the photos, and you can pretend you were right there along with us!  The hangover and sunburn is optional……

Home sweet home on Friday night

It gets damn cold in the mountain wilderness at night!  I think hubby said it was 56 degrees this morning.

I’m not getting out of the tent until coffee is ready!

None of this “roughing it” crap! We camp in style! Mmmmm – do I smell coffee?

 After getting all our gear together and the site cleaned up, we met my FIL at a local diner for breakfast at 8 AM sharp.  There’s always a bunch of planning to do to make sure there’s vehicles at the end of the float to pick us up and then get us back to the campsite.  As it is, there are always a few stragglers who haven’t planned and need a ride back to camp at the end.  They’re usually so drunk and sunburnt they don’t really care, and there’s always room with someone.  We ended up with 2 in the cab and about 6 more in the bed of our truck this year.  Total strangers every one of them, but grateful for a ride.  Apparently we now have “brownie points” and “good karma” in the bank for a while.

So, after spraying every inch of my body with sunscreen and about 25 gallons of bug spray, which still didn’t prevent mosquitoes the size of baby pterodactyls from vampirizing my entire body (I have a welt the size of a golf ball on my arm this morning), we got ready to launch.

R. Darling and his dad checking the boats before we launch

Woo Hoo!! Let the public drunkenness and monkeybusiness begin!!

Demonstration of essential River Float preparedness – Malibu and pineapple juice

And they’re off!

Sometimes life is just so tough!

Relaxation personified……..

A quick break for everyone to catch up….

Almost to the end and no one’s barfed (that we know of!)

Happy 40th Annual River Float!  You’ve survived my monster photo essay post!  I’m off to apply some more of that anti-itch stuff on my ginormous mosquito bites.  Hope your weekend was just as fun as ours! 


2 thoughts on “Malibu, Mosquitoes & Marine Monkeybusiness – Our Weekend in Pictures

  1. Hey there Maryanne! Sounds like one exraordinary weekend! Glad you had fun, even if the pterodactyl like mosquitoes did get you!

    – Your Sock Pal

  2. OMG, that sounds like you had tones of fun! I am so happy to hear that! PIcs look splendid and I envy you green this lovely river! I hope that you catched up with knitting as you wanted!

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