Knitting Is Fun



Except when it’s not. 

It’s been one of those days today.  The kind where you wonder what the hell you liked about knitting in the first place.  You swatched.  All was cool.  You cast on.  After 11 rounds it looked ginormous.  Since you have a known tendency to knit too large, you rip.  Devo plays in your head.  You hum along.  O.k.  So you wasted a few hours up to this point.  You can still salvage some of your day.  You love knitting, right?  Peace, Grasshopper.  11 rounds ripped out.  You cast on again.  You knit the first round. It was a struggle with those stitches all stretched out around the cable, but you did it.  You start the next round…..  WTF!!!  For the first time ever in your knitting “career”, you have twisted your stitches when you joined for knitting in the round.  Remind me again why I love knitting? 


4 thoughts on “Knitting Is Fun

  1. Total suckage. Dang!

    That Fifi pattern has been selling like gangbusters in the yarn shop. Seriously, you are one of the cool kids, riding the cusp of the wave of the Fifi phenomenon! (In the voice of the Rob Schneider SNL skit) YOU CAN DO IT! I’m trying to remember – does that pattern ask for Calmer?

  2. Oh bugger! I am so sorry for you! But hey, you aren’t alone. On Sunday I riped the whole big bit of Puff I knitted on Saturday ;) So easy, you can do it! You are such a skilled and talented knitter, sweetie, so head up and keep on knitting!

  3. I’ve had those days. Fairly often too. But I love to knit, regardless of all the obstacles and I bet you do too! :)

    – Your Sock Bud

  4. This KAL is kinda crazy, I agree!! I’m tempted to start the other one, for the RCC top – listening to Ingrid Michaelson “Starting Now” while I’m typing this – try that song ( if you don’t have it) while you frog the latest version!!!!

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