Sometimes I actually knit.  And sometimes I actually blog about knitting.  I know.  Shocking.  Lately I just feel run down and knitting has fallen by the wayside because there’s too many other things taking up my time.  But I have been working (very slowly) on a couple projects and I thought I’d share my current WIP’s with you.  Just to let you know that my knitting obsession has not completely exited stage left…..


This is sock #2 of the On-Your-Toes toe-up socks from the current IK.  I’ve got 5 more straight rounds then I go to all ribbing and I’ve got another approximately 50 rounds after that until it’s done.  This one has gone more smoothly than the first one and though I did have a little trouble with the eastern cast-on again, I have finally figured out exactly what to do and I think it will be phenomenally easier next time.  The heel went smoothly too – just frogged about 6 short rows after a small counting mistake.  Hey, if I only frogged it once, that ain’t too bad!  This has been a great knit and I really like the toe-up pattern.  I’ve never knit any other socks so I’m hoping learning the more traditional cuff down method won’t be too difficult now that I’m set in my toe-up ways.


Here is Lelah.  I haven’t made much progress on her in the last couple weeks.  I am about 9 lace repeats in and I’ve got quite a ways to go until I can do the stockinette portion and finish up.  I tried it on after about 8 lace repeats just to make sure it would fit around my currently “curvaceous” waistline and decided I wanted a little shaping.  So I switched from size 7 needles to 6’s after lace repeat number 8.  Then I stalled.  I recently purchased quite a few bamboo needles from a shop that is going out of business and I’ve been using them on some of my newer projects.  I can’t believe how much of a difference it’s made in my whole knitting experience.  I think part of the reason I’m not enjoying Lelah is because I’ve been knitting her on my plastic Denise needles.  And you know what?  I don’t like them.  So as soon as I can I’m ditching them.  Bamboo is where it’s at baby!  Maybe I’ll be motivated to pick up Lelah again if I put her on bamboo instead.


And this here is Fifi.  I officially started her yesterday after about 3 different tries and some frustrating froggin’ (say that 5 times fast!).  This one is for the current SKC knitalong and the pattern is actually pretty simple so far.  I’m using Rowan Calmer in the color Chiffon that I bought on eBay for about half price.  This yarn is yummy-licious, but pricey unless you can get a deal like I did.  Might be worth it though to splurge – it’s just that nice.  I’m on round 25 right now and it’s going well finally.  My problems before were with gauge issues and which size to knit etc.  I finally decided to knit on 7’s instead of 8’s (didn’t like how the fabric looked on 8’s – too holey, and the gauge was off anyway) and make the size small.  I like it so far and it’s helping me get back to enjoying my knitting.

In other knitting news, check my sidebar under the “news” heading for some info about a Christmas swap that Kasia and I set up.  It’s now open for sign-ups, so be sure to get your name in on the Christmas fun!  I know, we’re starting early, but when you love Christmas, you love Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes….

  1. Your sock looks so yuuuumyyy! I can’t wait to see it done! Lelah is coming out very nicely! I am sorry to hear that wrong needles are spoiling the whole fun, definetely go bamboo then!
    Don’t we love Christmas?? We already have few participants, and that’s so cool :D

  2. Your WIP are all looking great! I really enjoy bamboo needles, too (though so does Bug, so I have to be careful were I leave them), though I do appreciate my Denise needles.

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