Dreaming Is Free

Image courtesty of Interweave Knits

The Fall Preview of IK is up!!  Yay!  Something to look forward to!  I think my favorite sweater out of the preview so far is the Mirepoix Bodice, though I think I’d prefer it in reds and pinks.  I’m definitely not up to speed on the whole color work thing yet though.  Good thing I’ve got a bazillion other projects to do first so I won’t spoil the dream of that sweater by attempting it right away.  I can drool over it a bit longer before reality kicks in.  What?  You mean I need about 500 balls of yarn in different colors?  And each one costs $9?  And you’re telling me I have to knit with them all?  Yeah, like that kind of reality.  Ditto on those Snowflake Socks too. 

I’m also loving this pattern after getting a preview from DreamWeaver Yarns.  Oddly, it’s a StitchDiva pattern and I couldn’t find it on their site yesterday.  What’s the deal with that?  Anyway, I really really really, want to knit this!  Oh yeah – did I mention I really want to knit this sweater?

trapezeshort    trapezelong
              Images courtesy of DreamWeaver Yarns & StitchDiva

The red one really caught my eye and I feel I have to knit that one for sure.  If the pattern’s simple enough I may go for the longer sleeved version as well.  I never seem to have enough cardis and these are so beautifully retro.

O.k.  Enough dreaming for today…..


3 thoughts on “Dreaming Is Free

  1. I love the three sweaters you chose! They are sooo cute! Stich Diva has pretty patterns, doesn’t she? Does it mean that I infected you with love to red? Red and pink sounds very dramatic!

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