My ever-talented, fabulously clever, and sweet-as-can-be, e-friend Kasia has nominated me for this amazing award!   


I don’t know what to say!  I really don’t feel deserving in the least, other than I am a girl, I do blog, and I do rock (in the sense that listening to Def Leppard or Motley Crue always makes me bust out the rock hands and thrash my head just a little).  I am extremely honored though, that she thought me worthy of this award, and so overwhelmed to have it bestowed on me.  Thank you so much Kasia!!  You’re the best :)

So, having received this award, it’s now my job to pass it on to some other Rockin’ Girl Bloggers whose blogs I enjoy reading.  Since Kasia and I read a lot of the same blogs (including Robin’s), I only have a couple new nominations to make:

Jeanie of SKC fame:
for being so amazingly thoughtful, kind and generous, as well as a kick ass knitter and crocheter…….
Wendee of Knittlesticks:
 for her fantastic sense of humor, encouragement and being a fellow Pacific Northwesterner………

Thanks so much ladies – you rock!!

There are so many of you fabulous girl bloggers out there that I couldn’t even begin to name you all, so if I missed you and you’re reading – consider yourself nominated and thanks for stopping by!


3 thoughts on “Speechless!

  1. Oh wow! I feel so honored. And I totally got what you meant by those rocker hands! Like sign language for “I Love You”, but then if you move your thumb in it’s like “devil ears” and OMG – heavy metal rockers are so devil worshipers! Heh. Yeah, especially those androgynous Poison guys.

    Thanks for the tag.
    Rock on Dude! – Joe Dirt

    PS – this totally gives me an opportunity to humiliate myself with a classic rocker girl pic. Stay tuned.

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