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Ummm.  Wow.  I think I have a little too much on my plate these days.  A better knitter than me would not cringe in the face of too many projects with too little time.  A better knitter than me would embrace the rush of 12 WIP’s at once and deadlines all big and looming.  Me, I’m plodding along, trying to resist the lure of each pattern, KAL, or project crossing my path, and not doing a very good job of it.  So here’s the damage as of today.  I’m hoping that seeing it all in one place will freeze my finger in that millisecond it hovers over the “enter” button the next time I even think about purchasing another pattern, more yarn, or joining another KAL.


This is Fifi.  I’m guessing she’s about 70% along now.  I’m being fairly monogamous on this one, trying to just get something finished and off the needles.  I’m knitting this one for the current SKC knitalong.  After some reading and re-reading of the pattern, which has been kind of fussy, I just dove in and improvised and it looks alright so far.  We’ll see…..

On Friday I stopped by a new LYS that just opened about 5 minutes from my house.  Holy crap.  That’s all I can say.  H-o-leeeee crap.  Because that’s just what I needed – temptation of the highest sort only 5 minutes away!  And it’s the most darling little place, and they’re so nice, and, deep breath here…… it’s right next to the Starbuck’s.  I’m in big trouble people.  Big trouble.  This is what I picked up…….



This super cute felted flower bracelet kit in the Oceanic colorway.  Who could resist this?


I’ve also been looking for something to make for my closest college girlfriend who is expecting her 3rd baby in September.  I made each of her kids a very special blankie and for some reason I keep putting this one off so I knew I had to find something fast.  This pink heart blanket is so cute I knew I had to make it for her the second I saw it.  Just need the yarn now…..


They had a big basketful of these too and it was the most darling idea so I had to take one.  Basically, you buy the kit for $3.50, knit the little hat which they will use in a display (the name of the shop is Apple Yarns!) and then send off to charity.  Plus, when you turn in your knit hat, you get a gift certificate for $3.50 to use in the store.  What a great idea!  And I’m a sucker for charity stuff anyway :)  Besides this, I bought something for a gift for someone, but she reads my blog so I can’t share – sorry!


This lovely stuff is Socks That Rock sock yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts.  It’s going to be knit into some nice comfy socks for my Sock It To Me Sock Swap pal.  I hope she likes them!  I also found out today that I am going to be an “angel” for another person at the swap who was unfortunate enough to have a flaky partner.  So, must find another pattern to knit up. 

There’s always this though……..

I joined another KAL called Campanula for the Cure (yes I do realize that I’m “insane, got no brain. ….insane in the membrane…..”).  It sounded like such a worthy cause and the socks she designed were just so gorgeous.  Check it out if you have a second.  The link is in my sidebar.

So that’s the crazy update from here.  Wish me needles of fire, because I’m going to need them!


5 thoughts on “Knittymuggins’ Newest Knitty News

  1. Geeez woman, you certainly do have a lot on your plate! The little heart blanket is very pretty. I don’t have the stamina to knit blankets anymore though. I have one that’s been sitting since December. I know I need to work on it, but…Yeah, you know! The STR shade is really pretty too!

  2. Last time I heard the insane got no brain song we took a little train ride and you agreed to be my wife. Funny how little things remind us of good times. It was just a funny song that played on the radio, but the memory stuck. Luv Ya!

  3. Fifi looks great! I am happy to see that you managed to get thos nasty sleeves in place, without having to rip them off! Great job! Your purchases looks fab! I love the purple yarn and I am sure that your sock pal loves it too! The little blankie is adorable! Makes one wanna have kinds ;) so I am sure that your collage girlfriend would love it!
    It’s so lovely that you agreed to be someone’s angle! This person got the best whom she ever could!

  4. Fifi looks great so far! I got mine to work this weekend too – pics to come later this week. I’m trying to finish it for the blogger meetup on Saturday at Stitches (there, I said it publicly – let’s see if I can make it happen.)

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